Saturday, May 16, 2009

Birthday: Made by my Sister

My sister Connie again took tissue paper, wrinkled it up, smoothed it out, then glued it on the card stock. The tissue paper with such a beautiful pattern became the focus of the card. She used ribbon with a "Celebrate" slide and four corner brads. The card is beautifully simple.

Birthday Waterfall Card for My Son

While I was making the Waterfall Card for my mom, I decided to keep going. This card I chose the blue theme for my son. I used colored pencils to color the stamped images.

Birthday Waterfall Card for My Mom

The Waterfall Card starts with a 2 inch by 9 inch strip attached to the card with eyelets. The strip is scored and 2 inch stamped squares are attached. When the strip is pulled from the bottom, it creates a waterfall effect. I used an eyelet to attach the pull ribbon at the bottom. I also covered the back to hide the eyelets.