Sunday, April 18, 2010

Beaded Tether for Keys or Phone

I do beading occasionally, but not as often as I make cards. I made this tether for a friend for her work keys. I used clear, sparkly beads so it can be used with any color she is wearing. I put an alligator clip on the end so she could attach it to a key ring. I used 26 pound wire as the base -- for durability.

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Crayola58 said...

This is really cute. I bead as well, and have been so engrossed in doing the beaded eyeglass holder necklaces, it never occurred to me I could solve my continually misplaced carkey problem. I finally took a round ring and a clip to put them on. Now I will go do a nicer one with some of my 10000000000 beads.
Thanks for the idea and inspiration.